Behind the Bands: The Inspo

There were multiple moments leading up to the birth of T.A. From an early age, Taylor started making her own wraps. It was something she just gravitated to.  Fast forward to college.  Taylor taught and still teaches Pure Barre. While working the front desk at Pure Barre Carrollwood-Tampa, she recalls the $40 recycled fabric headband she purchased.

"I remember sitting at the studio and saying out loud to the owner, Shannon, I can make this myself. Shannon with no hesitation said do it,  If you make them we can sell them here no problem.. The light bulb went off." The seed was planted.

It wasn't until after her grandmother, Rose Marie, had breast cancer that Taylor began to create headbands and headwraps. She wanted to create something to enhance her already natural beauty.

After months researching fabric, chemical reactions, plant based dyes and how to create the most sustainable process.  Shout out to her Aunt D for the original fabric idea too. 

From there, it has modified into an athleisure brand as well as a luxury line - going from barre, basketball or yoga workouts, to casual beachwear as well as high fashion. 

In memory of her grandmother, each pink headband and head wrap purchased, one is gifted to women battling breast cancer. Losing all your hair isn't easy and often times uncomfortable. Her goal is to make women, men and children battling cancer still feel beautiful and have a way to express their individuality.


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