Beyond the Bands

We Are Expanding the Taylor Alexandria brand: Beyond the Bands.

As a board-certified health wellness coach, specializing in gut health, stress management and weight loss.

I wanted to share my personal story, update you on the bands and offer you an opportunity to work with me 1:1. 



I founded Taylor Alexandria with a mission to unite, inspire, and elevate sustainably. To build a community of like minded souls. 

The idea started when I first started teaching fitness. I’d make my own sustainable headbands for class. At the same time my grandmother Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer. It became my mission to create something that would make her feel more beautiful with or without hair. Since then T.A. has evolved into a sustainable luxury fitness, fashion and wellness necessity. 



Last year I felt the brand and myself growing stagnant. With the rapid growth of T.A. during the pandemic, I completely lost myself in the business. My personal life was upside down - I was working 14 hours days, going through a rough break up and not able to see my family.

I started gaining weight out of nowhere, developed food sensitivities, fatigued and bloated no matter how much I worked out.

 It was so crazy to me. I’ve been eating plant based organic for 17 years and teaching/taking pilates classes daily. I couldn’t understand what was happening to my body or why I was gaining weight. 

 I couldn’t take it. I was so far out of my true alignment I had to take a step back to find it . I was determined to find a solution.



Through my coaching program, research and my own trial and error. I discovered that the immense amount of stress I was under, both conscious and subconscious, had destroyed my stomach’s microbiome and gut health. 

My unhealthy gut and hormone imbalances led to the weight gain, brain fog, food sensitivities, constant bloating and anxiety. 

By restoring my gut health I was able to drop the weight, eliminate anxiety, reduce overall inflammation and most importantly manage my stress!

 I have never felt better, happier, lighter or more in my True Alignment than I do now.



The bands represent the healthy part of your daily lifestyle. Like putting on your superpower, the confidence to conquer whatever the day has in store for you.  Similar to your gut health, the power to feel your best every single day. 

 By aligning both of my passions, I am excited to maximize your wellness result and grow the Taylor Alexandria lifestyle.   

No matter where you are in your health journey, no matter if you’ve never worked out or never ate kale.  No matter how much fear is trying to hold you back from feeling your best self or telling you "you aren't ready". 

If you have dreams of loosing weight, managing stress, healing your relationship with food, feeling confident in your clothes, and restoring your gut health.

 You are ready for a health coach.

I would like to give the T.A. community first priority to work with me 1:1 as your health coach. 

 Spaces are limited. To learn more, schedule your complimentary health consultation by clicking the link below:

Thank you for your support and growing with me! #truealignment .

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