The 2 Skin Care Life Hacks The Changed My Skin Overnight!

Two pieces of information (aka major life hacks) that changed my life! 

So for some time my right check and chin would break out with these big blemishes and breakouts. I went to Sephora in search of something to help! This earth angel of an associate looked at my skin and simply asked do I talk on the phone often and if so what side.. BOOM. Hit the nail on the head. That is the issue. Our phones cary more germs and bacteria in them then our toilets do.

1. Alchohol Wipes for Your Cell Phone 

The first thing I did post Sephora enlightenment - Went out and purchased individual alcohol wipes! Every night or before talking on the phone without headphones - I alcohol wipe down my phone. I am also way more mindful about using headphones at all times possible for all phone calls (I also feel like the cell next to your ear for any amount of time cannot be good either.)
Within two days the breakouts had subsided. And my face finally started to clear.

2. Crushed Aspirin Directly on Blemish

While working with Equinox I connected with the Four Seasons Spa esthetician - Elena. Elena has amazing skin. Born and raised in Russia. This woman knows her sh*t! I asked her about my blemish and red marks that turn into hyper pigmentation (dark spots) after... the answer was simple.  Aspirin.
Elena advises to take a classic aspirin, crush it up and apply it directly to the blemish and leave it over night. The next day it will be almost gone if not completely gone! The aspirin takes away the redness, eliminates the bacteria and soothes the spot. Heeling the redness prevents the dark spot from even forming. After she performs extractions on clients Elena immediately follows with the crushed aspirin. Genius.  Who would have thought. GAME CHANGER. Thank you Elena! 
Listen, these two little fixes literally changed my skin over night. In my 26 years I've never heard about the aspirin and didn't event think my phone was the low key pimple crafter!  I hope by sharing these little life hacks help you keep any and all blemishes at bay!
In addition, I use a T.A band to keep the hair off my face when I sleep and to hold my hair back when I wash my face am/pm. I also use Tretinoin cream at night and plant based skin care products as part of my normal routine.  You are welcome!!

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  • While Reading your blog I had those “ Ah ha” moments ! Thanks for the secret about how to bust up those “ low key pimple crafters !” Babhahaha thought that was a clever label!! Aspirin .. who knew , you should post a before and after picture of your skin . Just a thought but thank you for sharing your new discoveries 😘 luv Mom

    Donna ALmony on

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