The Miami Swim Week Edit

As a Miami based brand, Miami Swim Week is one of the most exciting weeks in the city for our industry. We are really happy and just overwhelmed with gratitude with this years turn out.
Swim week headband show
We showcased our latest collection at the first DC Swim Week Pop Up at the Riviera Hotel, Friday - Sunday from 12pm - 6pm. The  popup really connected us to other sustainable designers, up and coming models and influencers both locally and all over the world. 
Each day after the pop-up we met with models, photographers and partners to shoot the headbands and wraps. On Saturday we were presented with the opportunity to host a fashion show with featured Dj Walshy Fire from Major Lazor. We literally had less than 24 hours to pull this shyt together.
At the pop up,  I connected with the swim wear designer Dominique for @jdswim. From Saturday night to Sunday morning the two of us we recruited 12 AMAZING models that we both felt embodied our brands. During the fittings and waiting to walk- the energy in the dressing room with all the models was unreal. Everyone was getting along, taking photos connecting. It was such a beautiful thing. For me, the most fulfilling thing was the fact that I was able to give these amazing the opportunity to walk and just have their moment to shine and just be fully in their power.That was my favorite part! Those moments are what it's all about you know. Video coming soon!

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