No two people on earth are alike, so why would we make each headpiece alike? Each collection is hand crafted in the U.S. out of organic tencel (eucalyptus wood fiber) fabric and all natural plant based dyes. The unique color blends, and tiny imperfections you see in the stitch and cut, are on purpose, and what makes each headband beautifully unique. We see imperfection as beauty.



Taylor Alexandria is an elevated headband and headwrap label based in Miami and Los Angeles. The brand creates sophisticated pieces with a focus on sustainable, timeless, minimal designs that are both unique and classic. The idea started when Taylor first started teaching fitness. She would make her own headbands that fit perfectly and were sustainable. When Taylor’s grandmother, Rose, was diagnosed with breast cancer. It became Taylors mission to create something that would make her feel good and more beautiful than she already was. From there, it took off and has evolved into the preferred sustainable luxury fitness, fashion and wellness necessity.



Each peice is hand made using a consistent foundation of the highest quality botanical material—yielding pieces that can be worn through many seasons. Established in 2016, TAYLOR ALEXANDRIA offers head-bands, headwraps and fullsize wraps which have become a favorite among athletes, celebrities and influencers. 

Taylor Alexandria

The Process

The process of hand-dying each headband and headwrap requires precision and skill. Our fabric is derived from Tencel, a renewable wood sources in a closed loop process from sustainable eucalyptus and beech wood sources in Austria. The fabric is sent from Europe to our studio in LA where we cut and sew the fabric into the finished product. The headbands are intricately dyed into wearable art by Taylor and her team of artisan women from all over the world. It takes anywhere from 1-2 days to complete the color setting process. 

Designed for sensuality yet engineered with environmental responsibility. The headband and headwrap set the standard of sustainability and conscious luxury fashion with its silky smoothness, liquid-like drape. Due to the botanical fabric and the natural dye, each peice is one-of-a-kind. Handmade in the USA.