Taylor began to create headbands and headwraps after her grandmother, Rose Marie, had breast cancer. She wanted something to enhance her already natural beauty. From there, it has modified into an athleisure brand as well as a luxury line - going from pilates or yoga, to intense workouts or sports, to casual beachwear as well as high fashion. 

In memory of her grandmother, each pink headband and wrap purchased, one is gifted to women battling breast cancer. Losing all your hair isn't easy and often times uncomfortable.

Our goal is to make women and children battling any health issue or transition period involving hair loss still feel beautiful and have a way to express their individuality with our one of a kind, ultra soft headbands and wraps.  

For every other headband or headwrap purchased, one is gifted to a child in need with a focus on inner city children. In addition, we are working on teaming up with Inner City youth sport organizations to sponsor events to help children stay off the streets through fitness, education, sports and art. 




Taylor actually had no clue how to sew before starting Bands by T.A. Her mom ordered her a mini sewing machine just to get to started. The machine was so tiny that she was only able to get ONE band out of it before it broke. Taylor went out that same day & bought a full size sewing machine, taught herself how to sew and the rest was history...⠀⠀⠀ 


 As we continue to grow so does our team of seamstresses. From our amazing Nicaraguan natives in Miami to aspiring designers in New York to her best friends grandmother- the amazing women of TA are dedicated to bringing you nothing but the best day in and day out.



Bands by T.A mission is to unite the heart and soul of each nation’s culture through our sustainable, elevated plant powered fashion.