Fitness Headband Bundles. 3 headbands for $50 | 2 headwraps & 1 for $100 code: stayhome
Fitness Headband Bundles. 3 headbands for $50 | 2 headwraps & 1 for $100 code: stayhome
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Taylor began to create headbands and headwraps after her grandmother, Rose Marie, had breast cancer- she wanted something to enhance her already natural beauty. From there, it has modified into an athleisure brand as well as a luxury line - going from barre or yoga workouts, to casual beachwear as well as high fashion. 

 In memory of her grandmother, each pink headband and head wrap purchased, one is gifted to women battling breast cancer. Losing all your hair isn't easy and often times uncomfortable.

Our goal is to make women and children battling cancer still feel beautiful and have a way to express their individuality with our one of a kind, ultra soft headbands and wraps. ​

 For every other headband or headwrap purchased, one is gifted to a child in need with a focus on inner city children. In addition, we are working on teaming up with Inner City youth sport organizations to sponsor events to help children stay off the streets through fitness, sports and art. 

Taylor actually had no clue how to sew before starting Bands by T.A. Her mom ordered her a mini sewing machine just to get to started. The machine was so tiny that she was only able to get ONE band out of it before it broke. Taylor went out that same day & bought a full size sewing machine, taught herself how to sew and the rest was history...⠀⠀⠀ 

 As we continue to grow so does our team of seamstresses. From our amazing Nicaraguan natives in Miami to aspiring designers in New York to her best friends grandmother- the amazing women of TA are dedicated to bringing you nothing but the best day in and day out.

Taylor Alexandria’s mission is to unite the heart and soul of each nation’s culture through our sustainable, elevated plant powered fashion.

Our Tencel & Modal certified fabric fibers boast ecological benefits such as the lower water consumption over the life cycle of the fibers. They do not compete for agricultural land required to produce food. In contrast, this is frequently the case with cotton plantations. Forest areas do not compete with areas under cultivation for food, and do not require artificial irrigation.After the end of their useful life, our fibers decompose by biological means back into their starting product without leaving harmful residues behind. In this way, the sustainable raw material cycle of our fibers is closed.

Natural cellulose is also the main reason why our products made of tencel and modal fibers boast such high level of wearing comfort. They are very effective in absorbing moisture from the human body and are luxurious and supple. In contrast to cotton, the fibers can already be equipped with certain additional properties during the production process, for example vibrant colors which do not wash out or flame-resistant materials. We give our fibers additional functional properties required for special applications or for the optimal use in the field of fashion. The moisture absorbability of our fibers in the nonwovens business is a major advantage for consumers.Another major advantage is the purity of the fibers. This is essential to safeguard human health when used for nonwoven applications which are subject to strict medical and hygiene standards. However, the purity of our fibers also leads to considerable economic advantages when it comes to their further mechanical processing in the textile fiber segment. For example, spinning machines can produce more yarn with our fibers in the same period of time than with cotton fibers. Similarly, the consistent quality of our fibers is an important factor to increase the productivity of our processing partners.

Certifications create transparency and security. They help our customers and partners in selecting environmentally compatible products of a high quality. Our natural fiber fabric is European Ecolabel, USDA Certified, Biobased Product, VINÇOTTEOEKO-TEX® Standard 100, FSC® und PEFC™, Responsible Care. Faire Trade, ISO standards.